Steam Iron 2000W Powerful

Steam Iron 2000W Powerful

As the professional manufacture, we would like to provide you Chichonor® Steam Iron 2000W Powerful. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery. An outstanding value,including a sharper precision tip and ergonomic controls. In addition to a modernized overall design, the new CHICHONOR premium steam iron has been enhanced in key areas requiring maximum control and ultimate precision. CHICHONOR's premium Chichonor® Steam Iron 2000W Powerful offers impressive steam capabilities along with enhanced features,


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Product Description

The following is the introduction of high quality Chichonor® Steam Iron 2000W Powerful, hoping to help you better understand Chichonor® Steam Iron 2000W Powerful. Welcome new and old customers to continue to cooperate with us to create a better future!We would like to offer you the 2000W Powerful Chichonor® Steam Iron. We will provide you with timely delivery and best after-sales service. Including sharper precision tips and ergonomic controls are all part of our excellent value. In addition to a modern overall design, the new CHICHONOR Premium Steam Iron has been enhanced in key areas that require maximum control and ultimate precision. As a professional manufacturer, CHICHONOR's premium Chichonor® Steam Iron 2000W Powerful delivers impressive steam power with enhanced functionality.

Manufacturers, suppliers and factories known as high quality chichonor china Steam Iron 2000W Powerful

This Chichonor® Steam Iron 2000W Powerful was the latest invention high quality with GS CE ROHS and offer 1 years Warranty.It was made up with ABS,covering most of Europe and the Americas market.We are expecting become your long-term partner in china.

2.Product Parameter (Specification) of the  Steam Iron 2000W Powerful

·        Size: (L)31 X (W)13.2 X (H)16.5 cm

·        Weight: 1300 g

·        Material: ABS

·        Color: Gray, Black

·        Available package: Color box or Clamshell

·        Rated Voltage: AC220-240V

·        Rated Power: 2200W

3.Product Feature And Application

Wireless, easily to carry

rechargeable lint remover Without the wire, our fabric shaver is the best portable fabric shaver. The lightweight design makes users easily to use for any kinds of circumstances. With ergonomic design, users can hold the shaver comfortably and operate regularly.

4.Product Details of the Steam Iron 2000W Powerful

Large Water Tank Capacity

This 12 X 5 X 6 inch and 2.87lbs fabric iron offers continuous steam time, and its 350 ml large tank capacity means you won’t need to refill frequently while dealing with over-sized piles of clothes.

Ceramic Soleplate

Made from premium-grade ceramic coated soleplate with 53 steam holes that provide even and fine heat distribution while carefully removing the wrinkles. Non-stick, scratch-resistant and glides smoothly across any fabrics. Its super-wide soleplate presses more fabric and removes more wrinkles with every single glide.


Easy 360° Cord System

Our 2200W 230V clothes steamer is designed with a convenient 8 foot swiveling power cord to make ironing possible in any tight space. Its pivot cord moves freely to stay out of the way during ironing.

Precise Temperature and Steam Control

Features 4 temperature levels for you to easily adjust the temperature according to the fabric type by moving the rotatable temperature control and a spray mist button to gently moisten fabrics and smooth away the deep wrinkles.


FOR EVERYDAY USE: Perfect for ironing the clothing, bedding and all types of fabric furniture.


Question:What is a Steam Iron 2000W Powerful and how does it work?

Answer:A pressure steam iron is a type of iron that utilizes high pressure and steam to remove wrinkles and creases from clothing. The iron heats up the water inside it, creating steam that is then released through the small vents on the iron's plate to soften the fabric and make ironing easier.

Question:Why should I choose a Steam Iron 2000W Powerful over a regular iron?

Answer:Pressure steam irons are designed to effectively remove even the toughest creases and wrinkles from clothing. Their high pressure and steam output help to get rid of stubborn wrinkles and leave clothing looking crisp and tidy. Plus, pressure steam irons are typically faster and more efficient than regular irons.

Question:How do I use a Steam Iron 2000W Powerful ?

Answer:To use a Steam Iron 2000W Powerful , begin by filling the water tank with clean water and plugging the iron in to heat up. Once the iron has heated up and the red light has turned off, select the appropriate steam setting (usually high, medium, or low) and begin ironing your clothing as usual. Be sure to move the iron in a back-and-forth motion, applying pressure as needed to remove wrinkles.

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