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Electric Digital Air Fryer

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Product Description

Purchasing a Chichonor® Electric Digital Air Fryer from a Manufacturer, Supplier, or Factory that Can Be Customized

 Introduction of Chichonor® Electric Digital Air Fryer

Excellent for healthy, effective cooking, the Chichonor® Electric Digital Air Fryer offers a plethora of features and advantages. With its industry-leading temperature range of 100°C to 450°F, you can cook a wide range of meals, including tasty cakes and crispy chicken. At 450°F, wings may be cooked 30% faster and more readily browned. Furthermore, the ideal temperature for yogurt-making is 100°F. Its 4-quart size allows you to cook for you and your loved one at the same time, and its compact design fits wonderfully in small kitchen areas to conserve room.

You can enjoy guilt-free, lower-fat meals thanks to the Chichonor® Electric Digital Air Fryer's quick 360° air circulation, which uses 95% less oil than traditional deep frying while still producing crispier, more even results. Its powerful nine functions—which include eight presets and one-touch preheat—allow you to swiftly reheat, bake, crisp, dehydrate, and unfreeze food. Altering the time and temperature allows you to personalize the cooking process or utilize the default settings.

Step-by-step instructions for every meal and a short guide for preparing frozen food are included in the recipe booklet that has been carefully selected by chefs, making it simple for you to experiment with different dishes and culinary concepts. Cooking delicious, healthful meals for yourself and your loved ones is made possible by the Chichonor® Electric Digital Air Fryer, the ideal complement to any kitchen because to its numerous useful functions and large recipe collection.

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Product Parameter (Specification) of Electric Digital Air Fryer

·        Size: (L)31.5X (W)31.5 X (H)36cm

·        Weight: 550 g

·        Material: ABS

·        Color: Black

·        Available package: Color box or Clamshell

·        Rated Voltage: AC220-240V

·        Rated Power: 1500W

Feature of Electric Digital Air Fryer

With the Smart Control Panel that comes with the Chichonor® Electric Digital Air Fryer, you can quickly check the temperature and cooking time. With one-touch presets or customizing the temperature and cooking time for your recipes, you can get started immediately. The plate and basket are dishwasher-safe, long-lasting, and effortlessly clean thanks to their dual-layer nonstick waterborne coatings. A flawless cooking experience is also ensured by the odor-free and safety-guaranteed features of the Chichonor® Electric Digital Air Fryer, which include food-grade silicone pads on the plate and a stainless steel chamber devoid of BPA and PFOA. With its FDA-approved construction and ETL certification, they guarantee quality and safety for all of your cooking requirements.

Electric Digital Air Fryer Application 

Frying: A wide range of items, such as onion rings, chicken wings, and French fries, can be fried in an air fryer. It's a healthier option than traditional frying because it cooks food uniformly and crisps it up without using oil.

Baking: A wide range of foods, including cakes, brownies, and even pizzas, can be baked with the air fryer. For single people or small families, it's a handy tool for baking smaller servings.

Grilling: You can grill items like steaks, hot dogs, and hamburgers in an air fryer. The uniform cooking and grilling of the meal is guaranteed by the circulation of hot air.

Roasting: For a tasty and nutritious supper, you may also roast meats and veggies in the air fryer.

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