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Digital Air Fryer

A Digital Air Fryer is a cooking appliance that uses hot air and a convection mechanism to cook food without the need for oil or fat. The appliance uses a digital control system that allows users to set the cooking time, temperature, and other settings for easy and precise cooking. You can rest assured to buy customized Digital Air Fryer from us. Chichonor® look forward to cooperating with you, if you want to know more, you can consult us now, we will reply to you in time!


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Product Description

Purchasing a Chichonor® Digital Air Fryer from a Manufacturer, Supplier, or Factory that Can Be Customized

 Introduction of Chichonor® Digital Air Fryer

The most recent invention was a high-quality air fryer with GS CE ROHS and a 1-year warranty.It was composed of ABS and served the majority of the European and American markets.We hope to work with you as a long-term partner in China.

A digital air fryer is a kitchen tool that cooks food without the need of oil or fat by using hot air and a convection motor. For simple and accurate cooking, the appliance features a digital control system that enables users to set the cooking time, temperature, and other settings.

A high-speed fan and a heating element are used by the digital air fryer to circulate hot air over the meal. This method of cooking is a healthier alternative to conventional frying because it lessens the amount of additional fats and oils generally required in frying.

A variety of cooking presets for popular food kinds are included with many digital air fryers, making it simple to quickly and easily make meals. The digital control system, which frequently consists of a digital display with touch controls, can be used to choose presets.

A digital air fryer's frying basket is often comprised of non-stick materials, making it simple to clean and maintain. Typically small and light, the gadget is simple to store in a kitchen cabinet or on a countertop.

All things considered, a digital air fryer is a flexible and nutritious cooking tool that works well for preparing a range of items, including vegetables, meat, fish, and chips. It is a well-liked gadget in many contemporary kitchens because of its digital controls, variety of cooking presets, and simplicity of cleanup.

You are welcomed to come to our factory to buy the latest selling, low price, and high-quality Digital Air Fryer.Chichonor® look forward to cooperating with you.

Product Parameter (Specification) of Digital Air Fryer

·        Size: (L)31.5X (W)31.5 X (H)36cm

·        Weight: 550 g

·        Material: ABS

·        Color: Black

·        Available package: Color box or Clamshell

·        Rated Voltage: AC220-240V

·        Rated Power: 1500W

Feature of Digital Air Fryer

Digital air fryers are a healthier alternative to conventional frying since they circulate hot air rather than oil over the meal.

Design that is User-Friendly: Digital air fryers have a digital control panel that makes it simple for consumers to choose the frying temperature, cooking time, and cooking presets.

Multifunctional Cooking: A lot of digital air fryers have several cooking features like baking, roasting, grilling, and frying that let consumers prepare a variety of cuisines.

Easy to Clean: Non-stick frying baskets are typically included with digital air fryers, making cleanup after use simple.

Digital air fryers are perfect for tiny kitchens or people with little counter space because of their compact and space-saving design.

Safety precautions: Digital air fryers frequently come with overheat prevention and auto shut-off features that make sure the user is safe when cooking.

Time-saving: Digital air fryers are an effective and time-saving option for home cooks because they consume less energy and can cook food more quickly than traditional ovens.

Digital Air Fryer Application 

Home cooking: For busy people or families who wish to reduce their intake of oil or fat, digital air fryers are a go-to solution for preparing excellent, healthy, and quick meals at home.

Commercial kitchens: In order to provide consumers with quick and healthy meals like veggie chips and fried appetizers, restaurants and cafes employ digital air fryers.

Street food vendors and operators of food trucks that need quick and effective cooking solutions while on the go are increasingly using digital air fryers.

Digital air fryers are ideal for small kitchens and apartments where space is at a premium and quick and wholesome meal options are required to maintain healthy lives.

Outdoor Activities: Digital air fryers are a go-to equipment for outdoor enthusiasts that need a quick, simple, and effective way to prepare meals without a full kitchen setup, such as campers and RV owners.

Rapid Air Technology is used by the New House Kitchen 4.2 L digital air fryer to create foods with a crispy fried exterior. Cooking your favorite foods more quickly, healthier, and to perfection with little to no oil You can prepare fried or roasted food, bake a variety of delectable nutritious recipes, and even reheat leftovers for a quick and simple dinner with this incredibly flexible air fryer. The computerized temperature control with 60-minute timer ensures that you never have to worry about your food drying out or burning because it turns off automatically when it's finished cooking. Additional safety and security is provided by the removable flat basket's cool-touch exterior and auto-shutoff capabilities.Additional safety and security is provided by the removable flat basket's cool-touch exterior and auto-shutoff capabilities. Your supper will be as simple to clean as it is wholesome and delicious thanks to the small 4.2-Liter frying basket's removable design and dishwasher safety.


What materials are used to create the non-stick finish coating?

The coating is free of PTFE and PFOA since it is silicone-based rather than Teflon-based.

How do I open the drawer?

The drawer is opened by pulling it in your direction.

The basket's diameter is what measurement?

The basket is about 7 1/2 inches inside and is about 3 1/2 inches deep.

You can buy a Digital Air Fryer from our factory with confidence since we are a reputable, high-quality Chichonor® manufacturer and will provide you with the best after-sale service and prompt delivery.

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