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Electric Garment Steamer Generator Iron

You may quickly and simply achieve wrinkle-free, creaseless clothing with the Chichonor® electric garment steamer generator iron. This high-performance steamer has a powerful 1400-watt punch, which allows it to efficiently remove creases of all kinds. Up to 4 fl oz, or 130 ml, of tap water can be stored in its water tank, and its lightweight, broad-base design keeps it in place and guards against spills and mishaps. Steaming has never been easier or more convenient – just add water, plug it in, and see the wrinkles go away. For individuals who are often on the go, this travel steamer is ideal because it is compact and lightweight. The basic function of an electric garment steamer generator iron is to convert water into steam, which is then released through a handy nozzle to remove wrinkles and creases from a variety of fabrics with ease.

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Product Description

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1.Product Introduction of the electric garment steamer generator iron

A Generator for an Electric Garment Steamer An iron is a tool used to effectively erase creases and wrinkles from a variety of fabrics. In order to apply steam directly to fabric, this gadget first turns water into steam, which is then discharged through a nozzle.

The high-pressure steam produced by the electric garment steamer melts creases and wrinkles in the cloth by penetrating deeply. As a consequence, linens, draperies, apparel, and more are wrinkle-free and rejuvenated.

Generator for Electric Garment Steamer Irons are available in different sizes and can be used on a variety of fabrics. There is no need for an ironing board or steaming board because of the device's simple and effective steam-generating mechanism.

Furthermore, the apparatus is incredibly user-friendly, as the steam is initiated using an easy-to-use trigger mechanism or push button. To prevent damage, the steam power can be adjusted according on the kind of fabric.

There are no particular skills or knowledge needed to use the Electric Garment Steamer Generator Iron. It is a great tool for everyone who wants to maintain the finest possible appearance for their materials and clothing without having to deal with bulky equipment or difficult processes. All things considered, the Electric Garment Steamer Generator Iron is a necessary tool for anyone trying to keep their clothes wrinkle-free and smooth.

The purpose of the electric garment steamer generator iron is to generate strong steam in order to eliminate creases and wrinkles from fabric. It is easy to use and transport around because to its tiny and portable design and electricity-powered operation.

With its strong steam production, the electric garment steamer generator iron efficiently gets into fabric fibers to eliminate wrinkles and creases. Additionally, you may vary the steam output of the device based on the type of fabric being ironed thanks to its customizable steam settings.

Because of its huge water tank capacity, the electric garment steamer generator iron can produce steam continuously for extended periods of time without requiring refills. An anti-drip mechanism in the gadget makes sure that steam is released smoothly and prevents water from spewing out.

You can use the electric garment steamer generator iron on a variety of materials, such as polyester, cotton, silk, and wool. It works wonders on bedding, clothing, drapes, and other textiles.

2.Product Parameter (Specification) of the Chichonor® Electric Garment Steamer Generator Iron

·  Size: (L)15 X (W)10.5 X (H)28.5 cm

·  Weight: 700 g

· Material: ABS

· Color: Gree, Pink

· Available package: Color box or Clamshell

· Removable water tank capacity: 220ml

· Rated Voltage: AC220-240V

· Rated Power: 1200-1400W

3.Product Feature And Application of Electric Garment Steamer Generator Iron

The following are the attributes and uses of the electric garment steamer generator iron:

Strong steam production: The electric garment steamer generator iron generates strong steam that gets deep into the fibers of the fabric, leaving clothing smooth and wrinkle-free.

Adaptable steam settings: This gadget is perfect for a variety of textiles, including cotton, wool, silk, and polyester. Its changeable steam settings let you tailor the steam output according to the kind of fabric.

Expansive water tank: The electric clothes steamer generator iron boasts a capacious water tank that allows for extended durations of steam generation before requiring refilling.

The gadget features an anti-drip mechanism that makes sure steam is discharged smoothly and prevents water from spewing out. This characteristic keeps water droplets from getting on textiles and leaving stains.

Convenient and portable: The small size of the gadget makes it simple to use and transport, making ironing on-the-go or in cramped areas quick and simple.

The purpose of the electric garment steamer generator iron is to eliminate wrinkles and creases from apparel and other materials composed of diverse kinds of textiles. For ironing shirts, blouses, pants, and other clothing, it is ideal. It can also be used to make heavy materials like drapes, bed linens, and other textiles smooth and free of creases.

To sum up, the electric garment steamer generator iron is a perfect tool for anyone who wants to keep their clothes and other fabrics looking neat and wrinkle-free because of its strong steam production, adjustable steam settings, large water tank capacity, anti-drip system, portability, and convenience.


Question:Is it safe to use bleach or disinfectant solution with water in the reservoir to disinfectant the clothes?

Answer:You would be better off washing & drying your clothes rather than using bleach. Bleach could damage coloration of clothes & I am not sure how dangerous it would be to inhale vapors.

Question:Can tap water be used or should bottled distilled water be used?

Answer:It is always best to use distilled water. Tap water while tasting fine and looking fine, may include some mineral elements that when turned to steam, may discolor clothing. Most likely it will not but it is always best to play it safe

Question:How do you open the water tank?

Answer:At the bottom right under the water tank (the white area like the rest of the device), there is a small button on each side. They are reachable with one hand while taking out the water tank.

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