Fabric shaver with lint brush
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Fabric shaver with lint brush

A type of home appliance called a fabric shaver with a lint brush is used to remove pills, fuzz, and lint from clothing, upholstery, and other materials. There are several varieties of them, such as electric, handheld, and razor-style shavers. We invite you to visit our factory to purchase the newest, best-selling, budget-friendly, and premium fabric shaver with lint brush.Chichonor® is excited to work with you.

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Product Description

Fabric shaver with lint brush

Product Introduction of Fabric shaver with lint brush

An easy-to-use and practical equipment for getting rid of fuzz, pills, and lint from clothes, upholstery, and other materials is a fabric shaver with a lint brush. This small gadget has a revolving blade mechanism and a removable lint brush that remove undesired debris from fabric without causing any damage.

You can use the fabric shaver with lint brush on cotton, synthetic materials, and wool among other types of fabrics. The gadget has a strong motor that operates quickly, guaranteeing effective and efficient lint removal. The purpose of the lint brush is to help loosen pills and big debris so that they can be more easily removed with the shaver.

This gadget is lightweight and portable, making it convenient to use when on the road. The gadget's blade mechanism is simply removed for cleaning and customizable to fit different types of fabric, so it stays hygienic and functional.

The Fabric Shaver with Lint Brush is a useful and efficient product that keeps fabrics and clothes looking brand new while extending their lifespan by eliminating unattractive dirt. For those who wish to preserve the beauty of their clothing by keeping it fuzz- and lint-free, it is the ideal addition to any home.

Product Parameter (Specification) of Chichonor® Fabric shaver with lint brush

·        Size: (L)18.5 X (W)7.5 X (H)7 cm

·        Weight: 142 g

·        Material: ABS

·        Color: White, Gray, Pink

·        Available package: Color box or Clamshell

·        Power Source: battery powered (2 x AA batteries not included)

Product Feature And Application of Fabric shaver with lint brush

outfitted with tiny blades that spin over the fabric's surface, trimming away extra fibers to leave the cloth smooth and clean.

A lint brush attachment is sometimes included with fabric shavers, which can be used to remove any shaving residue. This is particularly helpful for getting rid of any dust or grime that might have gotten stuck to the cloth.

There are many advantages to utilizing a fabric shaver. Eliminating the extra fuzz that might cause your clothing to fray and wear over time not only makes it look more modern and new, but it can help stop additional harm to the fabric.

Typical uses for fabric shavers include the following:

removing pilling from knit items such as socks and sweaters.

updating outdated drapes and curtains.

revitalizing chairs and couches.

maintaining the clean, smooth appearance of linens and bedding.

All things considered, fabric shavers are a necessary tool for anyone looking to prolong the life of their clothes and other textile products.

Product Usage of Fabric shaver with lint brush

The process of using a fabric shaver with a lint brush is quite straightforward. The steps to use it are as follows:

Press the power button to turn on the fabric shaver.

To remove the pilling from the cloth, place the shaver over it. Verify that the fabric is dry and clean.

Swipe the shaver back and forth across the fabric's surface. Don't overpress; excessive pressure could strain or harm the cloth. Instead, use little pressure.

Shavings from the cloth may gather in the shaver's container as you shave it. To prevent too much accumulation, occasionally empty the container.

Turn off the fabric shaver and remove the lint brush after using it for the last time.

Dust and dirt can be removed from the fabric or any leftover debris can be swept up using the lint brush.

To maintain their optimal performance, clean the lint brush and fabric shaver blades on a regular basis.

It's crucial to remember that not every cloth can be used with a fabric shaver. For instance, the blades may readily sever delicate materials like silk or lace. Prior to using the fabric shaver on a larger surface, always try it on a discrete region.

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