Electric Popcorn Maker 788
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Electric Popcorn Maker 788

he Electric Popcorn Maker 788 is a small kitchen appliance used to pop popcorn. It typically consists of a metal or plastic casing with a heating element and a rotating drum or agitator to stir the popcorn kernels and prevent burning. You are welcomed to come to our factory to buy the latest selling, low price, and high-quality Electric Popcorn Maker 788.Chichonor® look forward to cooperating with you.


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Product Description

Electric Popcorn Maker 788

Electric Popcorn Maker 788 Introduction

A little kitchen gadget called the Electric Popcorn Maker 788 is used to make popcorn. A revolving drum or agitator stirs the popcorn kernels and prevents burning in a metal or plastic enclosure with a heating source.

The Electric Popcorn Maker 788, a specific model, has a 1200W power output and can quickly pop up to 16 cups of popcorn. It has a built-in butter melting pan to flavor your popcorn and a transparent top that lets you see the popcorn explode.

The measuring cup that doubles as a serving bowl that is included with the Electric Popcorn Maker 788 makes it simple to measure out the ideal number of popcorn kernels to give to your guests. It is small enough to fit on a countertop or in a cabinet when not in use, and it includes an easy-to-use on/off switch.

All things considered, the Electric Popcorn Maker 788 is a practical kitchen tool that is ideal for movie evenings, gatherings, or simply a simple snack.

You can rest assured to buy customized Electric Popcorn Maker 788 from us. Chichonor® look forward to cooperating with you, if you want to know more, you can consult us now, we will reply to you in time!

Product Parameter (Specification) of the Electric Popcorn Maker 788

·  Size: (L)26X (W)14.2 X (H)25.5cm

·  Weight: 1500 g

·  Material: ABS

·  Color:  Green and Red

·  Available package: Color box

·  Rated Voltage: AC220-240V

·  Rated Power: 1200W

Product Feature And Application of Electric Popcorn Maker 788

A kitchen tool used to produce popcorn fast and easily is the electric popcorn maker. It functions by producing heat to cause the kernels to burst, and it might have an integrated swirling mechanism to ensure uniform popping.

The following are some typical attributes of electric popcorn makers:

Controls that are simple to use: Most electric popcorn makers feature buttons or knobs that you may turn to change the heat or popping time.

Removable components: For simple cleaning and maintenance, several models have removable components.

Electric popcorn makers are available in a variety of capacities, from small units for home use to big versions for commercial use.

Accessories: A measuring cup, a butter warming dish, or a serving scoop are included with some models.



Can you use a flavor with the kernels before popping??


Please don't add any condiments before popping.


How many cups of popcorn does one cup of kernels produce?


One cup of corn kernels can pop about 6-8 cups of popcorn, please don't add any condiments or oil before popping and make sure the corn kernels are dry.


Is this Air-Popper Teflon free?


This popcorn popper didn't contain any Teflon, what's more, it's ETL certified, BPA-free, safe for

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