Chenhan is one of China electric-garment-steamer-iron-for-household manufacturers and suppliers. Customized electric-garment-steamer-iron-for-household made in China is available in our factory. As long as you really want to wholeasale advanced electric-garment-steamer-iron-for-household, we can provide you with a satisfactory price. So you can rest assured to durable and fashion electric-garment-steamer-iron-for-household. For more information, contact us now.
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Electric Garment Steamer Generator Iron

Electric Garment Steamer Generator Iron

You may quickly and simply achieve wrinkle-free, creaseless clothing with the Chichonor® electric garment steamer generator iron. This high-performance steamer has a powerful 1400-watt punch, which allows it to efficiently remove creases of all kinds. Up to 4 fl oz, or 130 ml, of tap water can be stored in its water tank, and its lightweight, broad-base design keeps it in place and guards against spills and mishaps. Steaming has never been easier or more convenient – just add water, plug it in, and see the wrinkles go away. For individuals who are often on the go, this travel steamer is ideal because it is compact and lightweight. The basic function of an electric garment steamer generator iron is to convert water into steam, which is then released through a handy nozzle to remove wrinkles and creases from a variety of fabrics with ease.

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