How to use the steam iron?


How to use the steam iron: There is no need to attach the iron to the clothes.

Proper use of steam type electric iron:

1. Before use, the yellow and green two-color wires in the power core should be grounded to prevent electric shock in case of leakage.

2. Raise the front end of the spout up and use the measuring cup to slowly pour the boiled water through the spout. The amount of water added can be determined by the volume of the iron water storage device.

3. For the electric iron equipped with water level glass, the iron can be erected, observe the water level in the water storage device, according to the need to add water.

4. On the fabric signs of steam irons, the fabric names are labeled basically the same as those of thermostat irons. What's different is the addition of a "steam" mark.

5. Power on the electric iron, turn the temperature control knob to the position between "wool" and "linen", the indicator light should shine. When the light is off, it indicates that the temperature of the iron bottom plate has reached the required value. If water has been added to the iron, there should be steam ejection, "can be ironed.

6. Dry ironing can be done with a steam iron. The method is according to the ironed fabric variety, adjust the temperature control knob, select the appropriate temperature of the bottom plate. After that, adjust the steam knob to the "0" position.

7. After use, the remaining water in the water storage device should be poured out from the water inlet. When pouring, the front end of the iron should be turned down and the water can be poured out by shaking the electric trade bucket at the same time. Then the temperature knob to the highest temperature range, power for a few minutes to evaporate all the internal water. Then cut off the power supply, turn the temperature control knob back to the lowest temperature range, to be collected after natural cooling.